Summer is Here! 
 Our fantastic leaders are off to their summer adventures, and some are staying here in the Burg so they can keep up with their teen friends.  We have tons planned and will be connecting with YL club kids for campaigners weekly and doing lots of other things as the summer goes on.  Of course there is YL summer camp!!!  Read on for details!
Summer Camp Info:
WyldLife is going to Rockbridge,
August 10 - 14
Just about everything we could think of is available right from this web site! 
Click here for the informational brochure;  here for the required health form; here for the important pre-camp letter to parents and teens;  and here for driving directions. 
Parents will be providing transportation to and from camp, so plan on filling those carpooling minivans.    
 Please do not arrive at 
camp earlier than 1:00 on    Sunday.  You'll be 
picking up teens at noon on Thursday (plan to 
arrive at camp a bit early to pick up your exhausted and excited teens!).  
If you have any questions, please call Allen at 434-528-5560.


Family Camp
August 22-24 @ Rockbridge
Each fall we provide an opportunity for families to enjoy all the fun of a YoungLife camp together!  It's the best way we can imagine for families to wind up their summers.  They have tons of fun and also have plenty of free time to relax, reminisce about the summer and get a good handle on the upcoming fall.  Click here for an informational brochure and here for the required health form needed for every participant.

 Click here for a pre-camp letter that should answer most all of your questions.  Need to know more?  Call the YL office at 434-528-5560


The Role of a Young Life Leader

It has never been easy growing up, but one has to wonder if with each successive generation it doesn't get just a little bit tougher.  Many teens, today, are facing incredibly difficult circumstances - broken homes, peer pressure, media bombardment with glossy images of cultural heroes whos lives are awash with drugs, sex, and rehab.  In the midst of all this,  teens' fundamental quest remains the same as it has always been: they are desperately seeking significance for their own lives and acceptance from others.  Unfortunately significance can be elusive and acceptance often comes at a a very steep price. 

Since 1941 Young Life has provided teens with the opportunity to see and hear a different message.  Each year Young Life leaders spend enormous amounts of time just being with teens in their world...going to their games and practices, watching their performances, taking an interest in them.  The hope for Young Life has always been that we can win the right to share with teens the incredibly great story of God's love for us as evidenced through Jesus Christ.  

Young Life leaders become friends, mentors, sounding boards, cheerleaders...for a generation.

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